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Visit Wojanów Palace

A palace with bright walls, three towers and orange roof.
A view of the main entrance in Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Once upon a time, behind seven mountains and seven forests……… oh no, no, it's not a fairy tale but the Wojanów Palace looks like in a fairy tale. Visit Wojanów Palace with me.

I like discovering places undiscovered by my family, that's why, one day I took them on a little trip. It is 110 km from Wroclaw to the Wojanów Palace, but only 9 km from Jelenia Góra, and 57 km from my town (so it's not so far :)

How far is it from Warsaw to Wojanów Palace?

The distance from Warsaw to Wojanów Palace is 459 km.

I invite you to see my photos :)

We were in spring there. Maybe the weather wasn't good (it was quite cold that day), but the palace made an impression on us. 

A large pond and a palace whose reflection is on the surface of the pond
Great reflection of the Wojanów Palace in the water. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Just like in Topacz, there is a pond and a very nice palace park with the Bóbr river flowing there. 

A woman and a boy by the river
On the Bóbr River, which is 272 km long. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

There used to be a stable, a granary and a coach house. The properties in Wojanów appear in written sources for the first time in the 13th century. Over the centuries, the property passed into different hands and changed owners. In 1839, Princess Louise of the Netherlands received a property in Wojanów from her father, King Frederick William III of Prussia. The manor and surrounding park belonged to the royal family until 1908, when they were sold by the last heiress. During World War II, a labor camp for forced laborers was established in the palace. After 1945, a state-owned agricultural enterprise functioned in the palace. Now the palace is privat and there is a hotel and conference complex.

Similarly to Topacz, you can organize there a wedding, conference, training, picnic in the park or spend a nice time in a restaurant. Within the complex there are several historic buildings with hotel rooms. 

Lots of tables and chairs from the palace restaurant outside the palace
A restaurant on the south side of the Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyński

There is a beautiful courtyard in front of the palace. You can see how the owners take care of the surroundings of the palace

Wider view of the palace with the courtyard. A little boy is standing in front of a round fountain
A historic fountain. The Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
A boy is standing by the stone statue
Several different statues can be found around the Wojanów Palace and in the palace park. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

We are going to the park :)

Two women and two boys are walking along the park alley. The palace in the background
With my mum :) The Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyński

I can only imagine how beautiful it is there in summer or early autumn. You can sit down, rest, spend some time with your own thoughts or admire nature.

A woman is in the palace park, two white benches are standing on the lawn, on the right side of the photo there is a pond and a green weeping willow above it
Another stone statue in the background. A palace park in the Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Nature will always take care of itself

a small birch grows on a previously cut trunk
A miracle of nature. A palace park in the Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

You can see that these sculptures have been through a lot

A boy is standing by the stone statue. He is in the same pose as the man in the statue
Piotrek is posing. A palace park in the Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

On our way back

A woman standing in front of the palace, behind her is a young boy, there is a small wooden bridge and a palace in the background
I was happy…. That was the main aim of this trip. The Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyński

This time a stone statue is without a head :(

Two women and two boys are standing on a wooden bridge, a palace in the background, on the lawn is a stone statue without head
On a charming wooden bridge. The Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyński

The interior of the palace. I even sat in this armchair ;)

A room inside the palace, there are two armchairs by the fireplace. Two portraits hang above the fireplace on the wall
These armchairs are very comfortable. I tried them :) In the Wojanów Palace. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

How to get to Wojanów Palace?

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