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Visit Rewal and Trzęsacz 

sandy, wide beach
Amazing beach in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

I described the winter aura in Świnoujście. Now it's time for 2 villages, just a few kilometers away from each other (with a calmly walk on the beach). I put together these villages into one thread, because each of them is a tourist destination located on the Baltic Sea. We used to stay in Rewal because we found a great holiday resort there with animations for children, and also because the village is in the middle, between Trzęsacz and Niechorze.

screenshot of a fragment of google maps with the coast of the Baltic Sea and several villages
This screenshot shows several villages, including Trzęsacz, Rewal and Niechorze. Source Google Maps.

The first photo already shows why we love our coast. The beaches are sandy, wide, with a wonderful strip of dunes covered with pine trees. It's a fantastic place for sunbathing, playing with children, swimming, walking, watching seagulls and albatrosses and breathing clear air. Enjoy the Polish coast and the Baltic Sea!

a boy on a wide, sandy beach
This photo shows our wonderful sandy beaches. Rewal beach. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a boy is sitting on the sand
We didn't dig this hole. It just was. Rewal beach. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
sunset by the sea
We can admire such sunsets from our coast. Rewal beach. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a panoramic photo of sea and the beach
Thanks to this panoramic photo, we can see the sea, the beach and the dune with pine trees at the same time.Rewal beach. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

How far is it from Warsaw to Rewal?

The distance from Warsaw to Rewal is 655 km.

More information about these villages, you can find on Wikipedia: Rewal, and Trzęsacz.

Unable to sit in one place on the beach, we walked many times to Trzęsacz and Niechorze. And of course we tried to see something. Rewal itself offers, for example, a scenic promenade, the Whale Park (photos below), where you can see replicas of many species of animals living in various waters around the world, and finally the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway from Gryfice to Pogorzelica which is sensational attraction! The distance from Trzęsacz to Pogorzelica is almost 10 km! 

two boys and a man at the train station
The Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway. Rewal station. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
Two boys and a man watching a train arriving at the station
I really recommend going by this Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway. Rewal station. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
people riding the train
The ride on the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Różana Avenue is a unique place in Rewal, especially for lovers. 148 varieties of roses, a symbol of love, grow here. On the way, walkers pass boards with love confessions written in dozens of languages and explaining the meaning of flowers.

a man and two boys on an avenue lined with roses
Fantastic place in Rewal - Różana Avenue. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Lovers Avenue is one of the most romantic places in Rewal. This beautiful walking path stretches along the sea shore. One of the elements of the alley is a bench on which Romeo and Juliet are sitting. A little further from this bench is the statue of the Little Prince and the Rose.

statue of lovers
Romeo and Juliet's bench in Rewal and Piotrek between lovers :)  Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a woman and two boys sitting by the statue of the little prince
The Little Prince and the Rose. Rewal.  Photo by A. Rybczyński

On the promenade there are several viewpoints from which you can admire the sea.

a woman is on a platform view, behind her is the sea
On the promenade. Photo by A. Rybczyński

Whale skeletons are one of Rewal's attractions. These are two steel sculptures set in the Whales Square. There are also benches and a fountain. After dark, you can admire its colorful illumination.

The whale sculptures refer to the local legend that hundreds of years ago, this huge mammal was found on the beach in Rewal. The inhabitants shared his meat and transported the skeleton to the church in Trzęsacz. When the temple was taken by the sea, one of the whale's ribs was moved to the cathedral in Kamień Pomorski.

two whale sculptures made of bent metal rods
The whales in Rewal are named Ventus (Wind) and Fluctus (Wave). Photo by A. Rybczyński

We couldn't miss the “Whale Park” where we could see different types of sea creatures and animals in the Whale Park in Rewal. 

Land of Giants from the Oceans - this is a part of "Park Whale" dedicated to those whose huge size causes fear and admiration. Whales, sharks and huge squids are usually impossible to catch in ocean waters in one place in the park in Rewal, all almost within reach.

artificial models of sea animals
The sea creatures made a great impression on the boys. Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
large whale model and two boys next to it
A huge whale in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a shark model and two boys and a man next to it
A scary shark in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
models of sea animals
There is also a place to rest. Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a model of grey whale
How small they are :) Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
people are in parrots house
There is also a parrot house where you can feed parrots. Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyński

A few more photos from the Polish coast.

woman standing in front of fishing boats
Fishing boats in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyński
a boy is on the beach
Piotruś on a walk. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

There is no boredom even when the weather is not good. You can visit haunted or scary houses and houses of illusions.


children are in a haunted house
In a scary house in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
in the house of illusions
In the house of illusions in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
in the house of illusions
In the house of illusions in Rewal. Photo by A. Rybczyńska


The most recognizable landmark of Trzęsacz is the church, or rather the ruins of this church standing on a dune. 

Church of St. Nicholas, which was located in Trzęsacz, was originally wooden, later brick. It was one of the most impressive buildings among the rural churches of Western Pomerania. Over the centuries, it was equipped with Renaissance and Baroque pews, stalls, a pulpit, a baptismal font and an altar. Because of the washing away of the ground on which it was built, it gradually destroyed.
Despite the fact that in 1868 the distance to the cliff was 1 m, services were still held in the church - the last one took place on March 2, 1874. For safety reasons, the temple was closed on August 2, 1874.

In 1891, as a result of washing away the cliff, the first foundation stones appeared, while in 1900 the sea took the first fragment of the buttress. On the night of March 8/9, 1900, the northern wall collapsed. Over the next decades, the sea took further fragments of the church; were destroyed in the following order:

1901 - the remaining part of the cemetery, the northern and north-eastern walls, part of the presbytery;
1903 - north-western corner of the church;
1909 - fragment of the wall closing the presbytery;
1913 - northern part of the facade;
1917 - eastern entrance;
1922 - southern part of the facade;
1930 - another fragment of the presbytery;
1956 - south-western corner with a buttress;
1973 - fragment of the presbytery;
1975 - a small piece of the western part of the south wall
February 1, 1994 - half of the south wall.
The preserved ruins have been entered into the register of monuments.

a family is sitting on a beach
The photo shows the protection of the ruins from the sea. Trzęsacz. Photo by M. Rybczyński
the ruins of old church
Only this wall remains of the entire church in Trzęsacz. This shows how the sea can be merciless even to buildings. Photo by A. Rybczyński
a woman and two kids are near the ruins of old church
The tree also died, unfortunately by man, as a result of work related to the construction of a steel bridge and walking paths. Trzęsacz. Photo by A. Rybczyński

How to get to Rewal?

How to get to Trzęsacz?

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