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Visit Topacz Castle 

A man standing and talking on the phone, in front of the small castle
My husband at an IT conference. Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Only a few kilometers from Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, there is Topacz Castle. The castle, as a manor house was built in the 14th/15th century. It is beautifully situated, surrounded by a palace park (50 hectares), many charming alleys and a pond which is connected to a brook (with a few small, wooden bridges over this brook). Over the centuries, the property passed into different hands and changed owners. Fortunately, during World War II, this complex wasn't destroyed. Now, there is an exclusive hotel that has been welcoming guests since 2011.

Topacz Castle offers also conference rooms and very nice restaurant. I have been there twice and I have many enjoyable memories from this place. 

In the buildings next to the castle, a museum was founded. This is the Motorization Museum and it is one of the biggest attractions of this place. There are over 100 cars of polish production and the largest collection of Bentley and Rolls Royce in Poland. 

In summary, you can relax and enjoy there. You can spend a pleasant time in the palace complex, rent rooms for a special event, take part in a conference, organize your wedding, have a romantic dinner, visit the unique Motorization Museum and more :) Visit Topacz Castle with me.

How far is it from Warsaw to Topacz Castle?

The distance from Warsaw to Topacz Castle is 370 km.

A huge tree standing in the middle of the lawn
A view of other buildings of the castle Topacz complex. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Very old cars from the Motorization Museum 

A man standing between two old cars coming from the 19th century
These cars are antiques. The Motorization Museum Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

And another one……. Isn't this car wonderful? 

A man standing next to an old 19th century car
Amazing Rolls Royce. The Motorization Museum Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

A view of the main building of the museum

Alone tree growing on the lawn, a main building of the Motorization Museum in the background
Can you see this small fountain? Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

A charming pond near the castle

A pond with the trees in the background
This photo was taken in October. Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Wrocław is famous for its unique, little buddies…….. cute dwarfs. He couldn't be missing in the nearby castle. Each gnome is dedicated to a particular field, place, or event.

The gnome shows an old car :)

The sculpture shows a little gnome holding an old car in his hands
A dwarf in Topacz. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
A small sculpture of gnome which is on the rock, a woman leaning over a gnome
Look at my little friend :) Topacz Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyński

How to get to Topacz Castle?

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