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Visit Moszna Castle

a big pine tree on the left and a huge castle
I have never seen a Castle like the one in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

I've wanted to visit Moszna Castle for a long time, but there was always something else to visit. Finally, one day, I decided to take my family on a trip. Moszna Castle is located 200 km from my hometown, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. We went to Opole and then to Moszna Castle. It's only about 30 km. 

How far is it from Warsaw to Moszna Castle?

The distance from Warsaw to Moszna Castle is 380 km.

a huge castle with many towers, and a fountain in front of it
The Castle in Moszna in all its glory. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

I must admit that everything written on the Internet is true. This castle with its 99 towers really looks like a fairytale. Surrounded by a vast area with old trees and a playing fountain, it makes a huge impression on visitors. Not surprisingly that with so many guests, taking a good photo was a big challenge. We were there on a sunny Sunday while on holiday and this is one thing I would change if I could. I really recommend going there, but on a weekday. I think it's more peaceful and pleasant on a normal day. 

a view of the castle
This castle in Moszna has 365 rooms! Photo by A. Rybczyńska

The castle is actually a palace that belonged to the Tiele-Winckler family. Some interesting information about the history of the castle. In 1896, a fire broke out and partially burned down the building. Therefore, Franz Hubert von Tiele-Winckler began to rebuild it, partly in the neo-Gothic style, partly in the neo-Renaissance style. There is a cemetery in the palace park, which can be visited, and where family members were buried. In 1904, 1911 and 1912, Emperor Wilhelm II, the last king of Prussia and the German emperor, a representative of the Hohenzollern dynasty, was a guest of the palace. He used to come here for hunting organised by Franza Huberta von Tiele-Wienckler. 

a boy is sitting in an armchair next to the table in a library
My son in sitting in a library at the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

The castle survived World War II, but during the occupation by the Soviet Army, the interiors were destroyed and many paintings and sculptures were taken away. Now the castle is open to the public. A hotel and restaurant have been operating here since 2013.

I have to say that surroundings and a castle from outside present very charmly, even unique. But to be honest, the interiors of the castle didn't thrill my heart, did not make it beat faster. Maybe, because I don't like this kind of furniture, this style. Coffered ceilings, heavy furniture, too bulky for me. 

two boys leaning on the balustrades on the first floor of the castle, coffered ceiling
Look at this coffered ceiling. In my opinion, it looks a bit overwhelming, too heavy. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

Nevertheless, I recommend visiting the castle. When you see it emerging from the trees, it will take your breath away.

a view of a castle from the south
Multimedia fountain at the Moszna Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

I invite you to see more photos :) 

view of the fountain from the castle window
View from the window of the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
fragment of the castle facade with a carved bear's head in the castle wall
A friendly bear looks down from the facade on tourists. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
fragment of the castle facade with a high tower
The tower of the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

A small but beautiful orangery with a fountain. It's worth stopping here for a while and taking a break from the hustle and bustle.

a room with orangery, in the middle an artificial pond with small fountain
The palace orangery in the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
the boy stands in the hall, behind him a blue curtain and rows of red chairs
The castle gallery hosts chamber music concerts and art exhibitions. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
the boy stands in the hall, behind him is a table with postcards and two windows in the Gothic style
Behind Maciek, there is an exhibition with many postcards from the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
heavily carved door frames
A strongly carved door frame at the Castle in Moszna. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
chapel with an arched vault
In the castle chapel at the Moszna Castle. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
furnished room in the castle, two olive armchairs, a mirror, a lamp with an olive shade
One of the apartments in the Castle in Moszna, “Golden Apartment”. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a boy is touching a tree trunk covered with mushroom
The vast park with old trees is impressive. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
a man and two boys are resting under the old pine tree
This poor pine tree, supported by beams and secured with ropes to prevent its branches from breaking, has already been through a lot. Photo by A. Rybczyńska
the castle seen from the pond
Kalusznik pond and Moszna Castle in the background. Photo by A. Rybczyńska

How to get to Moszna Castle?

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